The journey toward top Google rankings on the keyword Internet Coach started nearly 11 months ago. Google has made 2 HUGE changes to their algorithm since then, Panda & Penguin. But check it out, Google on the keyword Internet Coach and see where ranks.

If you have subscribed to my Marketing Tips blog for long you know that I conduct what I call “real time SEO tests” several times per year. I do these tests both to continually test my latest SEO tactics and to demonstrate the effectiveness of these to my potential clients.

I did this on the keyword “Construction Internet Marketing” about 18 months ago. You can test my results by simply Googling on “Construction Internet Marketing”.

About 11 months ago I tackled the very competitive keyword “Internet Coach”. Google it and see where ranks. I’m confident you will find the page on the first page. (Please leave a comment below about where the page ranked for you.)

The page went live on 0ctober 17, 2011 and at that time I had NO rankings on that keyword at all- zero, none!
I now have a top ranking and get many new high quality visitors to my website as a result.

What did I do? I simply optimized a blog post and added a few (less than 20) inbound links. I assure you that NOTHING I DID is tricky and you could EASILY do the same thing… in less than 90 minutes.

My tactics are favored by Google in this post Panda/Penguin world.

The easy to make, easy to fix mistake? Not investing 60-90 minutes a month to get 12 top rankings per year. Or not investing 60-90 minutes per week?

The fix? Do it. Imagine 12 to 50+ NEW top Google rankings per year, ALL on important keywords that deliver a high volume of HIGH quality visitors to your website each day for months or years to come.

This is the beauty of an effective SEO program. Hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands on new HIGH QUALITY visitors for FREE.