Welcome to PART 3 of How to Gain a Competitive Marketing Advantage with SEO, Social Media, Mobile Marketing & More

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In this segment you are going to receive 9 MORE Action Items you can implement immediately to starting improving your marketing results.

But first…  a quick recap of segment 1 & 2. In segment 1 you conducted your SWOT Analysis.  You identified your 3 greatest Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

In segment 2 I encouraged you to:

1. Install and Check Google Analytics
2. Create a comprehensive list of (50 – 200) keywords
3. Get a Search Engine Ranking Report (SERR)
4. Check your SERR for SEO Opportunities
5. Check Your Pay Per Click ads
6. Check the Landing Pages of ALL PPC ads
7. Check Your Online Reputation
8. Optimize for “Local Search”
9. Improve Your Email Marketing-

Now let’s pick up where we left off, improving your E-mail Marketing

10. Email testing- Try sending your e-mails at different times of the day or days of the week. Test narrowly focused e-mails. Test using a video player image that opens to a webpage with a video. All of these things can increase your profits.

11. Conversion Strategies- One of the primary objectives of a business website is to convert visitors into customers or leads. Increasing the “conversion ratio” of a website can instantly increase profits. Consider a strategy that includes asking the visitor to “opt-in” to your e-mail list and then using an e-mail campaign to deepen your relationship and commence future sales.

12. Blog- Blogging works. If you don’t have one you need one. If you are not blogging regularly, at least once a week, you need to start.

13. Pull Components & Link Bait- Marketing is becoming more “inbound” and “viral”. This means you should create compelling reasons for people to share links to your site (link bait) and actually visit your site (pull component).

14. Your “Calls To Action”- Many things effect a website’s conversion ratio but the most common, and costly, mistake I see is not having a compelling “call to action”, that is, not specifically directing the visitor to take the action you want them to take. Check the “Call to Action” on your website.

15. Social Marketing- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, FourSquare and others, including local social networks, can have a dramatic impact on your business- either positive or negative.

16. Engagement Marketing vs Interruption Marketing- Marketing is quickly evolving from “Interruption” to “Engagement”. Interruption marketing happens when someone is doing something, like going through their mail, driving,  reading a magazine, watching TV, and then interrupting them with a commercial message. Engagement marketing starts with a potential customer showing an interest, and then moves them into a relationship, or conversation, that ultimately results in a customer. The most effective “Social Marketers” understand how to engage customers and potential customers in an online conversation. Are your fans and followers leaving comments? Asking questions?, etc. If not, or not much, find ways to increase their engagement with your posts.

17. Mobile Marketing- Mobile search is huge. Apps for mobile devices are increasing profits for retails. Orders are being accepted from mobile devices. Mobile devices are being used as scanners to compare prices, text based marketing is proving effective. Mobile marketing has become a huge category title with many underlying channels, strategies and tactics. Mobile marketing is not coming, it’s here. Make sure you are up to speed.

18. Affiliate marketing- Affiliate programs allow others to sell your products and receive a commission. Amazon, GoToMeeting, Disney, Overstock and nearly every company you can name offers a commission to affiliates who send visitors to their unique links.  There are management systems that make it easy and affordable for small companies to use these programs too. If you sell retail products they are worth exploring. Here are some of the products and services I recommend.

OK- you have stood back and honestly evaluated the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats related to your business and very specifically to your Internet marketing.

I have given you 18 different, specific Action Items, or to do’s. So what’s next?

Here’s the deal… more likely than not you aren’t going to do all of the things I suggested. You probably recognize that at least 3 or 4 or 5 of the suggestions could really help you and… and don’t take this personally, but the odds are you won’t get all of them done either.

Here’s my experience… Things come up.

My old friend the late, great, business philosopher Jim Rohn described it better than any man I’ve ever heard. He called it ‘The Law of Diminishing Intent’, which says- The longer we wait to do something that we know we should do now, the greater the chances are it will never actually get done. Do you know what I’m talking about… ? It is something that literally affects every business owner and entrepreneur throughout the world every day.

We have a great idea… like working on improving your Internet marketing, or hiring me as your Internet marketing coach for that matter… but instead of taking action we hesitate, we put it off… all with the best of intentions… we fully, 100%, intend to come back and get it done… but things come up… we get busy working “in it” and time passes, urgency  diminishes… our window of opportunity to work “on it” passes.

Is this true for you? Of course! It’s true for ALL of us… in fact it’s one of the biggest challenges we all have when we have visitors on your website… We must provide an interesting, compelling and trustworthy enough message to get our visitor to act now… knowing that if they don’t act now…no matter how well we presented our product or service the likelihood of that visitor becoming a lead and or customer is greatly diminished. That’s why we often ask for a small, easy to take action first, like subscribing to an e-course like this one, rather than asking the visitor to buy the complete Internet Marketing Coaching program.

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