Here’s a comment that came in on my blog moments after it was posted to LinkedIn last Saturday.

"Good job Mr. Ed Taylor! It could have been more interesting to see the name of website for which you've achieved these results :)"

Of course he’s right. It would have been more interesting if I had shared the website that received an 85% increase in visitors from SEO that I was talking about in the post. He’s also the exact reason I didn’t.

Here’s the rest of the story. The person who made the comment is an SEO provider, a competitor, in Pakistan no less.

Two things:1. I don’t want to teach him, or any of my competitors, what I’m doing to produce results and, 2. I don’t want to subject my clients to solicitations from my competitors.

Remember, social media is great. It’s a terrific way to spread your influence (I currently reach more than 10,000 people via social media), social media is also a great way to maintain top of mind awareness amongst your followers and fans… and always remember, don’t be stupid- your competitors ARE watching!