In the Success Magazine blog Darren Hardy wrote an interesting post the other day, a post about an important trait that has been difficult for me to cultivate. He writes about what he calls “Super Achievers”, and while I don’t like that particular term, I do like the main point of the post which is… Say NO.

He quotes Warren Buffet, who, when asked for the number 1 key to his success, gives this answer, “For every 100 great opportunities that are brought to me, I say ‘NO’ 99 times.” Isn’t that interesting?!

  • You see, saying “yes” is easy.
  • Yes I have a minute
  • Yes I’ll take the call
  • Yes I’ll take on that project
  • Yes I’ll come out for happy hour
  • Yes I’ll have another drink
  • Yes I’ll have dessert too
  • Saying “no” is much harder.

He also quotes Kenneth Cole: “Success has less to do with what we can get ourselves to do and more to do with keeping ourselves from doing what we shouldn’t.” Read the post here.