I always have a great time when I’m invited to speak at business conferences. I get to meet and spend time with some incredibly interesting people. This week at the PBUS (Professional Bail Agents of the United States) conference it was “Dog” the bounty hunter, his wife Beth, and a great speaker by the name of Tim Storey.

I had a chance to talk with Dog one-on-one and let me just say he’s the same in person as he is on TV, a very straight shooter with some incredibly interesting stories.

Beth is a character. In addition to being tough as nails she really knows how to have a good time. She had the entire audience on their feet dancing.

Tim Storey is also amazing. All I can say is check out his website, he’s worth knowing about.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak about Internet marketing at hundreds of business conferences and association meetings over the last 16 years and in almost every single case I came home with new clients.

Here’s my point and advice- become a RECOGNIZED expert in your field and share your success stories with those who could become your customers.

Becoming an expert opens doors and attracts customers.

Dog, Tim and I all shared stories about how our expertise helped others. Of course Dog’s stories were the most dramatic, Tim’s were the most inspirational and mine were the most practical.

In my session I shared success stories about how I have added over 150 top Google rankings for the Bail Agent clients that I started working with after the Winter Conference in February.  My audience loved hearing about how I helped their peers dramatically improve their Search Engine rankings and by extension increase their business.

How can you become recognized as an expert?

How have your customers benefited from your products or services?

Where do your “target customers” gather in meetings?

How can you get invited to make a presentation at one of the meetings?