Earlier this week I wrote about creating a “Value Proposition” . I had developed the following Value Proposition for Internet Marketing Group-

“Our clients average 29.3 new “Top 10″ rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo!and
a 59.8% increase in website traffic within the first 3 months.”

…but as I have thought more about it I was thinking that my value proposition should say something about commitment.

The truth is commitment is what has allowed me to obtain and maintain thousands of top Google rankings for my clients and many hundreds for my personal websites. Commitment is a huge part of who I am.

Commitment is the reason I have been faithfully married to the same woman for 37 years. Commitment is how I lost 110 pounds. Commitment to the success of my clients is the reason I have been self employed for 25 years.

Many people find it very difficult to commit and stay committed, others, like me, find it easy. Being committed is not what I do, it’s who I am.
It reminds me of a sign a once saw that read- “We don’t train our people to be nice, we hire nice people.”

I am a committed person. I am committed the Internet marketing success of my clients.

Hey, maybe that is my Value Proposition-
“Committed to Your Success Even When You’re Too Busy to Be.”

Maybe our Value Propositions should reflect who we are not just what we do.