A value proposition is a statement from a business to a potential customer that promises to improve the buyer’s situation by offering a specific benefit or set of benefits.  A compelling value proposition induces the potential customer to buy.

“You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free.”

That’s just incredibly compelling! Another…

Absolutely, positively overnight!

If you are interested in developing or improving your Value Proposition I recommend you watch this Marketing Experiments webinar. Dr. McGlaughlin does an outstanding job of explaining how to develop an exceptional Value Proposition.

By The way… Here’s my commitment and my Value Proposition…

“My coaching clients average 29.3 new “Top 10” rankings on Google, Bing & Yahoo!
and a 59.8% increase in website traffic within the first 3 months.”

It doesn’t quite have the ring that Domino’s or FedEx has but I think it speaks to what my customers are looking for. I also need to say something about conversion rates. How about?

Absolutely, positively, more top rankings, more quality visitors, more conversions!”

Any thoughts?