Use the Words Free & Easy
Bob Bly, Ted Nicholas, Jay Abraham, my dad and I all agree on one thing. The words FREE & EASY do two things, they get attention and they cause readers to take action. My friend and client Bob Bly says-  “Free is the most powerful word in the copywriter’s vocabulary. Everybody wants to get something for free.”

Use Sub-Headlines
If you have a page with more than 300 or 400 words (which you should have for SEO reasons) then you MUST usesub-heads, period.

They work. Look at these:
“Your session “Marketing on the Internet,” was wonderful! You were rated 4.7 out of 5.”
Randy Beck
Director of Professional Development
National Association of Music Merchants

“Our traffic has increased 250% and the quality of the traffic keeps improving every month.”
Robert R. Roscoe
That’s Great News, LLC

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