SEO mistakes are common, especially for small businesses who are doing their SEO in-house. One of the most common SEO mistakes, and one of the easiest to correct, is often made early in the process and it’s one of the things I’ll cover in tomorrow’s FREE SEO webinar. If you miss the webinar…

The common SEO mistake I’m talking about is a failure to “cast a wide net”. Here’s what I mean. There are probably hundreds, maybe even thousands of “keywords” that could deliver high quality visitors to your website. The key is to identify as many quality keywords as possible, of course you will want to prioritize your SEO efforts going after top rankings on the terms that are likely to deliver the largest number of high quality visitors first, provided that you see a real opportunity to obtain top rankings.

This process of “keyword research” or “keyword brainstorming” can be very simple, a bit time consuming, but easy enough, and valuable enough, to easily pass the “time spent vs potential return” test.

Here’s how you can easily avoid making this common SEO mistake.

1. Use Google keyword tool. It’s free and easy to use. Here’s a link- 

2. Use Google Suggest (it’s the feature that auto-completes and suggests  as you type a search query into

3. Another fun little tool is Soovle which auto-completes simultaneously from Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, and The idea is to think sideways.

For example, a Internet marketing coach 🙂 discovers the popularity of “common SEO mistakes” through looking at popular terms starting with “SEO” and decides to optimize a post on their site, say this one :-),  for the term “Common SEO Mistakes”.

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