Last week my lack of clarity nearly cost me money and my reputation. Here’s how… I sent a proposal for a new mini website.  The prospective client sent me an email back saying his assistant had done some “due diligence” and they were disappointed to find the sites I had sent them as examples were “not ranking well on Google”. I was SHOCKED!!! Shocked Baby

Immediately I checked my Ranking Reports and manually double checked the rankings. I founds the sites had dozens of top rankings, many dozens. Why did they say they were “not ranking well on Google”?

Well it was because in my proposal I was not clear. I did not spell out what keywords we had optimized the websites for. They assumed (there’s the word again) the sites were optimized for keywords that they weren’t.

With total clarity I showed them the keywords we were focusing on, I explained why we chose those keywords for these sites and I asked them if they would re-do their “due diligence” using these keywords… the deal was done within an hour! 

My lack of clarity and direction almost cost me a website development contract, and worse, it almost caused this client and his assistant to think I was not effective with my SEO.

MY ADVICE- Be crystal clear.  Leave nothing to chance. Tell prospective customers exactly what to look for when evaluating your services.