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This is my 20-year anniversary of being an Internet Marketing Speaker. Many would say that at 62 I’m too old to be up-to-date on SEO and website conversions.

I say that’s bunk!

If you were looking for a school to learn how to become, or how to grow as a professional Santa Claus, what would you search on? Do it. See where “” ranks.

Click on the site. Take a minute and review the website and the video. Guess what the conversion rate is. I’ll give you a clue… It’s double digits.

While I accept many fewer Internet Marketing clients these days as I’m spending more of my time pursuing other interests, like my acting, writing, my online Santa School and others… my results, both for me and my clients is THROUGH THE ROOF!

I’m just saying- Old Guys DO Rule. 🙂

“We will begin by learning how to tie your shoes.” I’m sure the 19 and 20 year olds who heard those words coming from their college basketball coach sighed and squirmed and were sure they already knew how to tie their shoes. Yet the legendary basketball coach John Wooden would start with this basic lesson. Why?


The basics, I mean the absolute most fundamental basics, are absolutely key to being successful at anything.

I had the very unique privilege and honor to spend an hour or so with coach Wooden talking about life and his life philosophy. Another thing he said was, “It’s what you learn after you know everything that counts.”

Of course college age boys can think they know everything but somewhere along the line we discover that we do not.

If you realize that you don’t know everything about marketing, especially Internet marketing, give me a call. We’ll start with the basics, We’ll make sure you don’t get any blisters. From their we will build a solid foundation for your ongoing success.

I’ve heard people say it straight out, SEO is for 20 or 30 somethings… not an older man in his 60’s.

Hey… that makes sense to me. It seems only logical, right?

Reality of course is a bit different… SEO is about obtaining and maintaining top rankings on the search engines, especially Google. SEO does not impose any gray ceiling… it’s all about results.

And I can still produce RESULTS… BIG TIME!

Imagine you looking for a Santa Claus for your company Christmas party, a community event or even a home party… and say you were in the west Los Santa Ed GoogleAngeles area, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood.

What would you Google on? “Santa for hire LA”, “Santa Claus for Christmas party Santa Monica”…

Try 3, or 4, or 5 different searches and see where comes up.

Like always I’ll let my results speak for themselves. Old Guys Rule!

Let me know if you need help with your Search Engine Optimization.

Would you like Google to send you thousands of new visitors each month… for free? Of course.

It’s much easier than you are probably thinking. Here’s what to do…

First, here’s data. This is the analytics from website of mine. The website offers videos from Santa Claus. We’re looking at the traffic from Organic, FREE, Google listings. This is all a result of Search Engine Optimization. You can see I received 30,084 visitors over the last 3 months… almost twice as much as last year.

This is the analytics from my Santa Claus portrayal website. Again we’re looking at the FREE visitors sent by Google is up year over year by 221%. A HUGE increase… all a result of my SEO.

So the question should be obvious… HOW DID I DO IT and more importantly how can you model what I have done so you can massively increase the traffic to your website for FREE?

Well, I tell you. Send me your websites URL, I’ll take a look at your site and schedule a call with you to discuss what you can do.

SEO Focus

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My focus on building my impact as Santa has increased the year over year organic visitors to one of my websites by 439% and another by 136%. My revenue has increased correspondingly. Could improving your focus improve your business?

A reminder just popped up on my calendar letting me know that next week is the 18th anniversary of my first $10,000 day.  Every year for the past 17 years I have taken a few minutes to think about that day and the events that led up to it. In the preceding months I had hit bottom. I went broke. Lost my house, my car, closed down my business (which in the early ’90’s had generated a low 6 figure income) but by ’95 things were bad and by mid ’96 they were unimaginable. My world, my business, my family, everything was incredibly disrupted… I was embarrassed, ashamed and at times I found comfort in simply, mindlessly, playing solitaire.

God working in mysterious ways, silver linings, whatever… 

I saw an opportunity… and even though I was depleted in every sense of the word I mustered the courage, and the will, to move forward. The opportunity was the Internet… more specifically, teaching small business owners how to use the Internet to build their business and add to their profits.

That day, October 17, 1996, I took 4 phone calls from small business owners wanting my help… in hindsight I can tell you with absolute certainty that depositing that $10,000 in my anemic bank account wasn’t nearly as important as the deposit that was made in my “emotional bank account. Because others valued me, and trusted me, and because I knew I could exceed their expectation (which I went on to do) my spirit came back to life. I regained my sense of meaning and contribution. I saw a light nearing from what had been a very long and very dark tunnel.


Today I would never value a person’s worth, mine or anyone else’s, in terms of money but when we become emotionally depleted providing value to others and being compensated for it, financially or  otherwise, can be just the defibrillator we need to bring our spirit back to life.


The letter below landed me 3 new customers in less than 48 hours.

How? Social Media!

Here’s the simple 4 step process.

  1. Get a very happy customer.
  2. Ask them for a testimonial letter. Even tell them you well help them write if it makes it easier on them and gets it completed in a timely manner.
  3. Share the letter with your friends and followers on social media.
  4. The repeat the process every week or 2.

That’s it! It’s simple.

Here’s the letter I used a few days ago: 

Santa Ed & Mrs. Claus,
THANK YOU for designing and making my amazing new website. It will make a much better impression than my old site, your price was less than I expected and I’m glad to have the ability to update the content myself if I should want to.

Perhaps most importantly is your help with getting me top rankings on Google. I cannot even believe that I’m now on the first page of Google when people search on “Santa for hire Newport, RI” AMAZING!
If you ever need a reference for making a Santa Claus website send them to me, I’ll give you guys a glowing recommendation. 

Thanks again,
Santa Bob Snow 

There is NOTHING difficult about this, but it does assume that you have social friends and followers who are potential customers. If you don’t; call me and I help you fix that. 541-941-4840


It was 17 years 10 months ago today that I had my first $10,000 day from “Internet Marketing”. In the years since October 17th 1996 I went on to become one of the most requested Internet Marketing Speakers in the country often speaking at more than 80 conferences, seminars and CEO club meetings a year.

Since 2006 I have also been an “Internet Marketing Coach” working hand-in-hand with hundreds of small business owners across the country.

I feel TRULY BLESSED to have been able to serve so many people in so many ways. I have been responsible for tens of thousands of top Google rankings and significant improvements in conversion ratios resulting in my clients and students generating well over a billion dollars in increased revenue.

Today EVERYTHING has changed…  

A convergence has occurred and of course it has happen right at the perfect time.

I am no longer interested in marketing and marketing is no longer working, at least not in the traditional sense. Marketing (at least for me) has evolved simply into the 3 C’s; Communication, Consideration & Continuity.

Considerately communicate constantly. That’s today’s marketing model.

As it was nearly 19 years ago… my EXPERIENCE speaks for itself. I have re-invented myself in the incredibly competitive entertainment industry. With no experience and no connections I am now represent by one of the top Agents in Hollywood, I’m on TV shows and commercials and I have developed corporate accounts as an entertainer that others only ream of; Mattel Toys, Jib Jab, Riot Games, the LA Lakers and dozens more… if you need help developing your business I’m still available but the way you would work with me has changed. Visit to learn more and then call me at 541-941-4840

3 weeks ago a wrote a post here on this blog about how I have SEO’d my website. In that post I mentioned how my traffic had increase by 481% as a result. Today, 3 weeks later, and after doing a bit more SEO I just checked my Analytics again and now my visits are up by a whopping 727%!!!

If you would like a little 1-on-1 SEO coaching give me a call- 541-941-4840

REMEMBER- SEO ALWAYS starts with keywords and content!

I didn’t want to write this post… but I had to. Why? Because my last post was over a week ago. If I want to maintain my relevance in Google’s eyes, and I do, I MUST consistently add new content.

MY ADVICE TO YOU… When you don’t want to write a new post, or add new content to your website, suck it up. Google delivers many, many, thousands of visitors to my websites all for free, the least I can do is regularly add some content. Wouldn’t you agree?

COMMON MISTAKE WARNING: In the past few months it seems like I’ve been hit by an onslaught of websites that have been really poorly conceived. Specifically the stories have been so poorly crafted and articulated that the websites didn’t convert well and worse, they couldn’t muster any social juice.

Craft your story! Think. Think. Think. What problem do you solve? Why should I believe you? What social proof can you offer?

Your story is your foundation… if it sucks… well… everything built on it will suck too.

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