Blogs are Good, Easy, Effective, and Fun. Really they are. 

You, yes you, can easily create and maintain and you don’t even need a webmaster.

I love WordPress. It’s simple. Go to and click on the “sign up” tab in the upper right-hand corner. Create your account and then begin designing your blog. Choose a name blog that is appropriate to your company/industry and is appealing to readers.

Another (and in my mind much better) way to use WordPress is as a Content Management System (CMS), like this site. I personally have 14 wordpress “mini sites” and have many clients with them. They are really a terrific alternative for small businesses. If you need help with a WordPress site let me know.

Once you set up your blog, it’s time to start creating content. Content can be anything you want it to be, but it should obviously be relevant to your target audience. You can find many posts here on my blog about writing compelling and Search Engine Optimized content.

You might consider writing about:

  • Tips that your reads might find helpful
  • Product features
  • Book reviews
  • Tutorials and how-to guides
  • Interviews with people your readers will find interesting or can learn from

Encourage your readers to ask questions, comments, or feedback. If they leave a comment, be sure to respond to them— everyone likes to be noticed.

It is also important to contribute to your blog regularly (at least once a week). This will ensure that your content is fresh and that your visitors keep coming back and it is actually easier than it sounds. For example I’m writing this post early on Sunday, October 30th and I’m scheduling it to post on my blog a month from now on November 29th. For me scheduling is one of the great things about a blog. I can write my posts when I have the time and am in the mood and I can schedule them way into the future.

Find what works for you and keep it consistent and keep it real and of course have fun with it!

Have you had any particular success with Blogs? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences!