I just noticed that I now have over 99 endorsements on LinkedIn for email marketing. Now I don’t think these endorsements really mean much. Many these people don’t really know much about my skills as an Internet marketer… that said, I would rather have the endorsements than not. 

I typically make 2 to 3 blog posts per week. Most (like this one) take me less than 20 minutes to write and post. Each of these blog posts get emailed to all of my blog subscribers (email marketing), they get posted on Twitter, Facebook and of course on LinkedIn…. ALL AUTOMATICALLY!

Blogs are great for SEO and they are also great to build trust and maintain “top of mind awareness” with potential customers- in addition they are, or at least can be, an excellent way to build your reputation as a professional email marketer.

Here’s the tip- Blog frequently with good quality content that your subscribers will appreciate and of course integrate your blog with an automatic email and social network delivery system.