Why am I getting 481% more visitors from my organic Google listings this year than I did at this same time last year? 

Because I have A LOT more of them!

I have spent the last few months “ramping up” for the season. Little did I know that by ramping up for the season I would actually extend my season, but I have!

I’m talking about my Santa Claus website.

SantaEd site clip 07-13-14

Google on “Santa Claus actor Hollywood“. You will find SantaEd.com above such notables as Ed Asner.

My point is simply this, SEO STILL WORKS!!! Or try- santa claus for hire or santa claus for hire los angeles or santa claus for hire beverly hills.

If you would like a little 1-on-1 SEO coaching give me a call- 541-941-4840


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In the video below I explain how you can easily use this traffic building, profit enhancing, concept…

YouTube Preview Image

Hi, I’m Santa Ed Taylor and as you know the use of video to increase website traffic and boost conversions is nothing new. Here’s the new, and potentially very profitable twist.

Video’s typically go viral when they contain something unexpected, the homeless person, or 7 year old, who blows the audience away with their amazing voice. The bigger brother reacting to his baby brother (Charlie) biting his finger (more than 700 million views), the United Breaks Guitars video (which I have featured in this blog and now has more than 14 million views). These videos all feature something unexpected.

Imagine this, Santa Claus, me, doing something fun and completely unexpected pertaining to your business.

I have access to some of the most creative minds in Hollywood, including producers at YouTube Space LA. I have access to a state of the art blue screen studio… in other words I have everything that is needed.

Your investment, for a 100% completely custom 2 to 3 production is only $4,350. This is out the door. Concept development, scripting, video shoot and post production. We’ll even load it on to YouTube for you.

The only kicker is, I must have the shoot completed by August 15th. After the 15th my schedule is just too busy to be involved in these videos. That means I’ll only be able to do 2 of these videos and I would really rather get these started ASAP while things are still a bit slower than they will be in a few weeks, so what I’m going to do is offer a 1 time $500 discount, bringing the total cost to only $3,850 if you order by July 8th. You can reserve your video for only $500 and well chunk the balance into 3 payments.

If this is something you are even remotely interested in give me a call at 541-941-4840 We can brain storm it a bit and see if we can come up with something that will makes sense.


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SEO has found its way into my sabbatical. So have strawberries, and I’m happy about both of them.

My wife and I are about 75 days into our sabbatical. We are gardening (and already eating fresh strawberries from the garden), traveling and exploring new many activities. We are both exploring and deepening our spirituality (a small group of us start each morning with meditation Strawberries Smalland prayer). My wife is also enjoying water color classes and I’m doing a lot of writing related to “The Greatest Gifts of All“.

To be on sabbatical is to break from normal routines and we have definitely done that. Being on sabbatical is also taking time to do the things you enjoy and have a passion for. I thoroughly enjoy working with small business owners, helping them build their business and experience the pleasures and benefits of entrepreneurship.

This brings me to SEO...

Helping small business owners obtain and maintain top rankings on Google has been a large part of my weekly activities for many years. I have always enjoyed it, but it was one of the “normal routines” I was planning to step away from during this sabbatical but here’s what has happened…

SEO has changed, it’s no longer the same routine as it has been for years! SO, I have decided to continue to help a few (very few), small businesses obtain and maintain top Google rankings.

Here’s an example of some results from a brand new client who has had their website for over a year and had zero top rankings on Google. I helped with his SEO 5 weeks ago and he now has 26 FIRST PAGE rankings on many of his most important keywords.

26 Page 1 Rankings in 4 weks 05-24-14So what makes New SEO is so vastly different from the Old SEO that I no longer consider it part of my “normal routine”?

I’ll save that for another time.

Enjoy your labor and its fruits this Spring and Summer and all year ’round.

All the best,


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Getting your website visitors to convert into customers or opt-in (join your email list) is essential an essential element to online marketing success, in fact, it is THE essential element.

Many times over the past several years I have provided examples of high conversion web pages. In response I often hear things like, that works for you because you are famous as an Internet marketer, or you have the track record, or testimonials or whatever.

Then I hear things like “no one opts-in anymore”, email is dead, text and social is all I need.

Frankly all of that is a bunch of malarkey.

Email is still a FAR more effective marketing tool than, text and social media! See this 2013 SalesForce Study.

So how do you get visitors to opt-in?

It’s easy. Give them a compelling reason.

You must find something that your target customer would value and then give it away in exchange for an opt-in. Pretty simple.

Here’s my page. Really examine it. There are flaws, the video was produced on my webcam in my yard and the hosted on YouTube… I could not have done it for less money it was FREE. The KEY HERE IS STRATEGY. Check it out- http://the-greatest-gifts-of-all.com/

How you let your visitors know about your freebie is key. Video has proven itself over and over again.

During this reporting session the website had visitors from a bunch of sources including ads on both Facebook and Google and:

  • direct
  • facebook.com
  • google
  • hypnoticmarketinginc.com
  • imgmembers.com
  • bing
  • yahoo
  • wakeupandbehappy.com
  • linkedin.com
  • youtube.com
  • aol
  • kgstiles.com
  • and dozens of additional sources.

These were visitors who didn’t know me from Adam and this is a new venture for me. I have NO track record.

The opt-in rate:



13.8% is not a particularly high conversion rate but it’s 2 to 3 times higher than most small business websites. On another website I recently worked on the opt-in rate was in the 27-29% range.

Improving your conversion ratio is often the most immediate and most bottom-line improving thing a small business can do.

Examine your website and your conversion ratio. Is your conversion ratio in double digits? If not let’s talk.


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Using Stories to Cut Through the Noise…
& Gain a Competitive Business Advantage

Attention is the commodity and stories are the currency… that was the headline of a recent email in my inbox.

Is that true? Do stories really get our attention?

The answer is yes… and this is not new news. Stories have captured people’s attention for centuries. And stories have been used in business for a long time to… my old friend Michael Gerber, the author of The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It, has been urging business owners to clearly articulate their stories for 30 years.

The reason for the recent resurgence in the topic of storytelling is the noise, or clutter, that marketers are dealing with today… and today’s amazing technology.

According to Jay Walker-Smith we’ve gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day back in the 1970’s to as many as 5,000 a day today. I know that I have become desensitized to ads… the fact is I don’t even see most of them… they’re just a blur to me… and to you… and to just about everybody else.

Stories, at least good interesting stories, catch our attention and our imagination. 

Today digital storytelling has proven it’s self to be incredibly effective at cutting through the noise and clutter. One good example is “The Girl Effect”, a simple but high-impact video which injects a new urgency into the issue of global child poverty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIvmE4_KMNw.

The story of Zappo’s and Tom’s Shoes are two more. Both are compelling and widely shared…

Elf on the Shelf built a product and a business around a story and in the process created a new tradition.

Stories are everywhere in modern marketing success.

Now with social media amplifying reach word of mouth marketing nearly every business can extend it presence by making it easy for their fans to share information with their friends… social sharing is easy… creating content that is worthy of being shared is another story… ahhh… another STORY.

Storytelling through social media 

Whether you use images or infographics, video or Vine, promoting your business using digital storytelling methods means you’re not just relaying information, but making that information come to life.

Whatever message you’re trying to communicate, digital media and social distribution channels can provide creative ways to get it in front of new potential customers. Whether you’re showing creative ways your product can be used, or demonstrating that your values differentiate your from your competitors or promoting specialist skills in your organization, social media provides a targeted and concise way to communicate digestible information which helps build awareness.

Creativity is key 

Creativity is key to cutting through the digital noise and actually creating a competitive advantage for your brand.

What’s your story? 

Why does your company operate the way it does?

Is there a story behind your product or service? Perhaps the way you do things… or the reason behind the way.

Bring you, your team, your products or services, your customers, to life. Engage me in your story, I bet I’ll love it… and I may even tell some of my friends… and they might tell some of their friends and so on, and so on and so on.

All the best,


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A longtime client of mine decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and get a complete website remodel. Of course he was concerned about how a remodel would affect his rankings on Google and the other search engines. Website remodels can have a devastating effect on rankings.

I suggested a WordPress site and I oversaw the entire process, the design, the content changes, the tagging and in-site linking. The site has now been up for nearly 3 months and the last year over year analysis shows a 56.29% increase in organic visits for Google, 37.5% increase in Bing traffic and a 55% increase in traffic from Yahoo!

Up in Oganic Traffic 04-26-14

If you are considering a website remodel be very, very, careful… there are countless horror stories about websites nearly disappearing from Google after a remodel. Also be reassured, when done correctly a website remodel can increase your rankings in the organic search results and increase your conversion ratio.

I continue to be a huge fan of WordPress, be sure to consider it.

Also be very cautious with your design. Design not only affects conversions it can also have a huge impact on your SEO.


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Until recently Search Engine Optimization has largely consisted of code and content manipulations designed to cause one website (my clients) to rank higher than another (their competitors) in the search results. SEO was not about the quality or competence of the business itself.

As Google’s ranking algorithm has grown more and more complex the code and content manipulations have become less and less effective.

Of course Google sees its job as delivering the best, most relevant, most authoritative websites to people using its search engine, NOT the websites whose code and content have been manipulated so they appear deserving of top rankings.

Look at it this way, Google is attempting to separate from the wheat from the proverbial chaff, and then organize the wheat kernels from best suited, to least suited, for a specific use.

Websites that provide quality content are the wheat… those trying to game the system, and those that have poor quality content, are the chaff.

What this means is being excellent at what you do is the new SEO. 

Google is saying that you also have to be good, better than your competitors, if you want to earn one of the coveted top spots on any giving search result. But, and this INCREDIBLY important, how is Google to know that your business is better than your competitors? In fact how is Google even going to know you exist at all?

The fact is there are millions of businesses that Google is not even aware of, and many more that deserve to rank above websites that they now rank below… the bottom-line? Google is NOT all-knowing. Google needs a little help to learn about businesses and a little more help to be able to determine the quality of one business relative to another.

This is not an attempt to manipulate anything it’s simply about doing the things necessary to let Google to know you exist. AND doing what is necessary so Google “sees” you in the right places, and doing the right things, so they recognize that you and/or your business have real expertise and your website DESERVES to rank above the websites of your competitors.

So what do experts do? 

They write books, articles and blog posts. They give speeches, have videos, have fans on social media and are referenced (linked to) from other high quality websites and much more. All of these things are Search Engine Optimization 2014.

Once Google “sees” you are an expert and offer high quality content. Next Google wants to make sure your website is worthy of a top link. Does it load quickly? Is it easy to navigate? Does it render properly on mobile devices. This is SEO 2014.

Essentially Google is saying to every business, large and small, if you want to obtain and maintain top rankings in our search results, be good, real good, demonstrate how good you are, share your expertise and make your website is up to date and easy to use.

Now that’s not too tough is it? 

Seriously, SEO is about being good at what you do, having satisfied customers who say good things about you. It’s about being so good that your products or services differentiate you from your competitors. Earn positive word of mouth marketing and you are implementing SEO 2014.

The Bottom-Line – 

  1. Be really good at what you do… that’s up to you.
  2. Be really good at crafting your message and getting it in the right places… I can help with that.


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One of the factors that Google’s ranking algorithm takes into consideration is the speed in which websites load.  This is becoming increasingly important, especially on mobile devices.

This is so important that Google has developed a free tool they call “PageSpeed Insights” that that you can use to analyzes your web pages to see if they follow Google’s recommendations for making a page render in under a second on a mobile network. Research has shown that any delay longer than a second will cause the user to interrupt their flow of thought, creating a poor experience. Google’s goal is to keep the user engaged with the page and deliver the optimal experience, regardless of device or type of network.

It is not easy to meet the one second time budget. Luckily for us, the whole page doesn’t have to render within this budget, instead, we must deliver and render the above the fold (ATF) content in under one second, which allows the user to begin interacting with the page as soon as possible. Then, while the user is interpreting the first page of content, the rest of the page can be delivered progressively in the background.

You can find the tool at https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/


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This morning I received an email from a long time client of mine. It was in response to some suggestions I made pertaining to the marketing of his soon to be released book. He is a very savvy marketer himself, a seasoned author with 2 best sellers under his belt as well as an attorney & CPA.

Here’s his response to my suggestions:

Great suggestions.  

I think your real strength is conceptual marketing thinking. 

Pithy enough? 🙂

For years I have been saying “STRATEGY FIRST!”

Today, more than ever, marketing requires you to find a compelling way to tell your story. You must be able to get your STORY to hit home. This is where web content, videos, word of mouth (viral marketing) and social media all intersect… THE STORY. This is what my client means when he says “conceptual marketing thinking”. In many ways this is the new SEO. It’s your story that helps you build authority and ultimately high quality inbound text links.



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Google Spam Filter. In this post MailChimp provides terrific insights that they have gained after sending more than 4.6 Billion emails to Gmail customers this year.


The post also covers Gmail’s new Unsubscribe Link and Feedback Loop check it out at http://blog.mailchimp.com/gmails-new-unsubscribe-link-and-feedback-loop/

and of course if you need any help with your email marketing let me know.



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