On May 18th I decided to test the SEO impact of my blog. After some “keyword research” I decided to optimize a post for term “construction Internet marketing“. (We do a lot of SEO work for contractors I had not optimized for that term that keyword in the past.)

I wrote a 300 word optimized post. I optimized the tagging and the linking, yesterday, May 24th, that IMGmembers.com post has a #4 ranking on Google. By the way, 300 words is the minimum number of words you should have in a post. If you count the words in this post you will find it is slightly over 300 words. The fact is I added this paragraph just to hit that threshold. 🙂

Another couple of things about Blog SEO, your “Title Tag” should not exceed 60 characters and should include the keywords you are optimizing and your “Description Tag” should not exceed 160 characters, and yes it is important because it will display in the search results add effect the number of clicks you receive.

I started my blog in January with no real thought given to SEO (I was doing the SEO on InternetMarketingGroup.com & EdTaylor.com and I was not too concerned about optimizing it.) At that time I was looking at my blog as just a way for people to stay in touch with me and my Internet marketing tips.

In April I decided to test some blog SEO. I optimized 1 or 2 blog posts per week. Now, 6 weeks after I first started optimizing my blog posts, I’m getting hundreds of visitors- AND the visitors who are finding the site in the organic search engine rankings are spending on average 7 minutes and 25 seconds on the site! Pretty impressive.

If YOU haven’t already added blog SEO to your traffic building efforts I’d say the time has come.

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