Getting potential customers to see your products (or services) and persuading them to buy NOW by using great prices, limited availability, etc. is exactly what the last 4 days have been about for many retailers across the country.  We have just been exposed to a 4 day “Master Class” in marketing, advertising and salesmanship.

Will Rogers once said, “Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need.”

Of the many BILLIONS of dollars spent in the last 4 days HOW MUCH DO YOU SUPPOSE WAS SPENT ON PRODUCTS PEOPLE NEEDED? I would guess a very, very, small percent.

Seth Godin in his blog this weekend said:

“An anonymous copyeditor working on my new book unilaterally changed each usage of “persuade” to “convince.”  I had to change them all back.

Marketers don’t convince. Engineers convince. Marketers persuade. Persuasion appeals to the emotions and to fear and to the imagination. Convincing requires a spreadsheet or some other rational device.

It’s much easier to persuade someone if they’re already convinced, if they already know the facts. But it’s impossible to change someone’s mind merely by convincing them of your point.

If you’re spending a lot of your time trying to convince people, it’s no wonder it’s not working.”

Are you presenting your products or services in a way that is persuasive and includes a compelling reason to buy now?  

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