Several times this week I found myself thinking about, and being incredibly grateful for, being sought after; being- IN demand.

I suppose it’s a validation of sorts, a confirmation that what I’m doing matters, and that I’m doing it with high enough quality and significant enough results, that strangers are compelled to seek me out. I’m not talking about my ego being boosted, and I’m not really talking about the financial benefits of beating out my competitors. I’m simply talking about the FEELING that comes from the realization that what I do is important enough, and of high enough quality that people seek me out and inquire about my products or services.

But wait, here’s the deal… 

Sometimes people seek ME out, for example everyday people who Google on “Ed Taylor” or “Ed Taylor internet marketing” or “Santa Ed” find one of my websites, and that’s great, they can then call or email me… but there’s also the those people who don’t know me or my name, but who SEEK OUT WHAT I DO. This too creates demand for me. Here’s how…

Just this morning I received a from submission form my website. I quickly responded and within an hour I was talking with the person on the phone. During our conversation I asked how he came to find my website, he’s in Delaware and I’m in InternetMarketingGroup WebsiteOregon, his answer- He Googled on “web marketing consultant“,  he was looking for a service I provide, not for me. He looked at the top few sites that came up on his search, he liked the site and my “style” and submitted the form requesting a FREE Consultation. My website educated him to who I am, what I do, he evaluated me against my competitors and then decided to seek ME, Ed Taylor, out.

Yesterday I had an inquiry from a woman who works with a HUGE, very influential, organization in Hollywood about me being Santa at their large holiday party (this group can open many doors for SantaEd Websiteme on TV and in movies as Santa). How did she come to inquire about me, Santa Ed? Again it was Google and my website, this time my website.

Money aside, business aside, being “in demand” feels good! 

EdTaylor WebsiteI had the same exact thing happen with someone who had Googled on “Internet Marketing Speaker” and find

As good as I am at what I do, both as an Internet marketing coach and as Santa Claus, I would not get to experience this “in demand” feeling as frequently if:

1. I was not also being found where people are looking (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube, Bing & Yahoo primarily), and

2. My website didn’t convey information that caused those visitors to convert into inquiries.

If you would like a little help getting that “in demand” feeling let me know.