This is truly an example of a good defense being your best offense.

Yesterday the phone rang, it was a distraught business owner, a woman (An aside- she said she Googled on “Internet Marketing Coach” and liked me because of my videos on the site), anyway she was all bent out of shape because she had just discovered 2 negative reviews about her and her business. One was a very personal attack, the other was not as personal but still not good.

She went on and on telling me about how long she had been in business, how many happy repeat customers she has, how unfair this is, etc., etc., etc.

Here’s the deal, this is what I told her and what I recommend for you. 

Pissed off people write reviews, NEGATIVE reviews.

Happy customers DO NOT write reviews. (Unless you encourage them.)

Here’s what you can influence. You can do all you can to minimize the number people who have a negative experience with your business, of course you should do that,  AND more likely than not, you will still have an unhappy customer from time to time.

Here’s how you can mitigate the damage caused by negative reviews. The woman I mentioned above ONLY HAD 2 REVIEWS, both negative. If you will encourage and make it easy for your HAPPY CUSTOMERS to give you POSITIVE REVIEWS you can easily get your positives to far outnumber your negatives.

Any reasonable potential customer would be OK with seeing 2 negative reviews out of 50 or a 100 reviews, in fact it would help make your glowing reviews be more believable.

The good news is that there are now many great tools and tactics to that will make it easy and passive for you to mount a great defense by building your arsenal of positive reviews.  Call me to discuss the best options for your business. 541-482-4840