Google’s “Farmer” update has changed article marketing- but NOT ended it.

EzineArticles has lost 90% of its traffic, and Yahoo!’s Associated Content lost even more but eHow actually rose slightly.

Thankfully, from a Google user perspective, the content farms with their thin content and ads are disappearing from the top rankings. We are now receiving better content on our searches.

As marketers the bar has been raised. We MUST now develop high quality content in order to get top rankings-  if you have been listening to me this is what you have been doing all along anyway. Keep it up.

Here are a few tips:

  • eHow- It is still ranking well, and still delivers traffic.
  • YouTube-  Create a short video for different long-tail search terms.
  • Become an Authority-  QUALITY content is the new king. When you create quality content you are presenting information as an authority. This is good for your business in many ways.