Here in Southern Oregon we had an abundance of April showers and now we are blessed with an abundance of May flowers.

Like showers precede flowers keyword research precedes SEO success.

April was also the month we re-modeled both and and much of the process was much like the April showers, drab, unexciting and at time almost painful.

The “April showers” of website development is the research and content development. I certainly did not want to lose any top rankings during the remodel, in fact, it seemed like a perfect time to gain even more top rankings. That where the doldrums came in…

The first step in adding top rankings to my site was to identify the most important terms to “optimize” for. Terms that were appropriate for the services I offer and not so competitive that I didn’t stand a chance of top rankings. Many hours went into this tedious research.

I ended up with 113 keywords (search terms), terms like “internet marketing consulting service”, “internet consulting & marketing” and “consultant internet marketing”. Once the terms were identified I spent hours writing optimized content for each term.

I had to make sure my designer created a page layout that allowed for maximum “on-page” optimization.

The remodeled site was launched on April 13 and the result, the May flowers, as of May 1st, 77 first page (top 10) rankings!

Yes, SEO has it’s time of darkness, it’s rainy days, ahhh, but it does have its flowers, in this particular case, on one of my own personal websites, 8 flowers in the form of top rankings and of course a steady stream of quality visitors finding my site.

SEO is a beautiful thing. 🙂

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