“Search Engine Ranking Reports” are essential to SEO success. Ranking reports show where your website is ranking on each of your “keywords”, on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Here’s a “day in the life” of our SEO process. We typically work on the SEO for several clients each day. The day starts with a Ranking Report for each client. The report shows where our clients website (and often 2 or 3 of their competitors websites) are ranking on the keywords we had already identified.

Search Engine Ranking ReportThis is image was captured from our Reporting software. It shows the differences in rankings since last month for a few of our clients that we are working on right now. Of course the client names were blurred out to maintain their privacy.

We use the ranking report to measure the success of the tactics we implemented last month and we also identify opportunities for improvement this month, for example, when we see 2nd or 3rd page Google ranking on a particular term we evaluate the competing websites that are in the higher positions and identify which additional SEO tactics could be effective in capturing a precious first page ranking.

The client of course gets access to a comprehensive report so they can see exactly where they are ranking on each of the search engines for each of the terms we are optimizing.

Identifying your best “keywords” or “search terms” is an absolute MUST for successful SEO and it is closely followed by your Search Engine Ranking Reports. You (and your SEO person) MUST know where your site is ranking on your keywords so you know what keywords to focus on. As a provider of SEO services to small businesses we want our clients to know what’s going on relative to their SEO and, as a business owner, I would think you would want to know.

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