I bet you couldn’t guess which of my blog posts is responsible for more new visitors to my website than any other… if it wasn’t for the analytics I wouldn’t have believed it.

Even more interesting is how I came to write the blog post at all.

During the summer of 2011 there as a very popular post showing up all over on Facebook, the post had to do with the 5 things you cannot recover in life, you might remember it.

What I did on August 5th last year was write a short blog post using the 5 things- see- http://imgmembers.com/there-are-5-things-in-life-you-cannot-recover/ 

That post gained, and has maintained, top Google rankings on the keyword “5 things in life you cannot recover”. This top ranking continues to deliver hundreds and hundreds of visitors to my site. On average those visitors stay on my site 4:18 and look at many additional pages of my site.

That said there is a high likelihood that very few of these visitors will ever become customers of mine (let’s face it this keyword is not exactly targeted to my audience), BUT, and this is huge, my site gets many more organic visitors because of this ranking and Google’s algorithm favors more visitors.  It is very likely that this popular page is helping to lift the rankings on ALL of the other keywords I’m optimizing.

Having a popular business page on Facebook help with the SEO of your website so be sure to have one- here’s mine- https://www.facebook.com/TheInternetMarketingCoach but this “outside the box” Facebook SEO strategy that I covered above should not be overlooked.

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