99% of my blog posts are very business related; this one is in the other 1%.

I just wanted to tell you about my Santa adventures of the last 10 days. Wednesday the 5th I was at home in Ashland, Oregon when a text came in requesting me to audition as Santa for a Sears TV commercial the next morning in LA. The audition was in 18 hours and I had a 12 hour drive to get there. I loaded up the car and left my house at 6:15PM, at 6:00AM I was in LA, at 10:30AM I was at the audition.

On the drive down I received a phone call from my agent saying he had a second audition for me, an hour after the first. I made both.

These were the first 2 auditions I had ever been on for anything, ever! I had a blast, I think I’m a natural (if I do say so myself). Yesterday I received a call-back for the Sears commercial. YAHOO!!!

Have a wonderful weekend… you know I am. 🙂

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