Yesterday I kicked off the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS) annual conference in Las Vegas with a keynote speech.

Today I had a standing room only crowd in my 90 minute training session.


The biggest “eye opener” for my audience members (and perhaps for you too) was the keyword research I did.

While preparing for this presentation I identified about 2 dozen keywords that these business owners had not even considered. These are keywords that get $20 – $55 Per Click if you were to pay Google for PPC!!!

By using SEO on these keywords they could get hundreds, even thousands of dollars worth of visitors for FREE and on keywords they had never even thought of. This was HUGE!!!

Remember keyword research is ESSENTIAL. You should probably have 60 to 200 keywords that you are focusing your SEO efforts on. If you are optimizing for less than 60 keywords I urge you to do more keyword research. If you’re stuck let me know and I’ll help get you on the right track.

On a personal note, my wife and I are having a wonderful time here in Vegas. I’m not a gambler so I have not lost and money (and I have made some thanks to my speaking engagement), we have visited with family and had some great meals including my favorite burritos and rolled tacos of all time from Roberto’s.