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I don’t mean to beat this into the ground but I just can’t find a better way to demonstrate the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization.

10 months ago, on a whim, I decided to optimize a blog post for the key word “construction internet marketing“.

I wanted to accomplish several things, first I wanted to show off, I wanted to demonstrate that I could optimize a page of this site to rank on the keyword “construction internet marketing“.

I also want to rank on that keyword because I enjoy working with construction companies. In fact I’m now an Internet marketing coach for several construction companies.

If you Google right now on “construction internet marketing” you will find a page on ranks VERY HIGH and I can tell you that this top ranking has delivered hundreds of visitors and some of those visitors are now clients.

If you need help with your SEO pop me an e-mail and let me take a look at your site.

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Internet marketing for the construction industry has exploded in the past 5 years. It seems that every homeowner who is looking to add-on, remodel, replace windows, doors or roofs starts with a Google search, no surprise really, but what is a surprise is just how many contractors are missing the boat. Construction marketing is all about local search and most construction companies are not “casting a wide net” around the long tail. They are missing out on the “refined” search so many owners are searching on.

I have delivered several presentations at contractor conferences and we have a number of clients in the construction trades, I know how competitive things are right now. It’s now more important than ever that you get your website optimized for local search, the “long tail” of Internet marketing for the construction and home improvement trades.

The starting point of local search for contractors and any business that serves a defined local market area is to determine all of the geographic terms your potential customer might add to the search query. Think in terms of city and county names as well as regional names like Simi Valley, or the South Bay.

You will want to evaluate all of your keywords while you’re at it, every contractor we have worked with has been short on 30 to 100+ keywords. Potential customers are going use a wide variety of keywords in their search quires and the more of these words you optimize the more potential customer will find your website.

I wrote this post in a way that optimized it for the term “construction Internet marketing” and some related terms but these tactics apply to every business whose potential customers are “refining” their searches with geographic terms.

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My LA adventure is over and I have recovered from my eye surgery; let’s kick some Internet marketing butt!!

If you are a client of mine and we haven’t talked for a while please call me or pop me an e-mail to schedule a time to talk. It’s time to catch up.

If you have been considering hiring me to help you with your Internet marketing or with the development of a new website NOW is the time. I’ll be back home this weekend and eager to do all things Internet marketing next week.

SEO TIP– See Internet Coach and construction Internet marketing for real time lessons in SEO.

Learning how to Internet marketing to effectively grow your business can be much easier than you are probably thinking.

Think of Internet marketing as how to get quality visitors to your website and how to get your website to convert the maximum number of visitors into leads, opt-in’s or customers. All Internet marketing strategies and tactics fall into one of the 2 categories, visitor building or conversion improvement.

Of course Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click advertising, Social networking, etc. are visitor building strategies.

Website design, headlines, content, offers, calls to action, etc. are all geared toward conversion improvement.

I have spent the last 15 years teaching and showing businesses how to improve their Internet marketing results. Here’s one of the major things I have learned, it’s not about how to Internet marketing, it’s about human behavior. Small business owners get drawn into every new “How to” Internet marketing thing comes along,  like moths to a flames.

For years I have warned small business owners against spending time and money implementing and learning how to use and implement the latest Internet marketing strategy or tactics. Let them prove themselves first and then learn strategies and tactics that are PROVEN. Most of the time there is NO advantage for a small business to be an early adopter of the latest and greatest anything.

How to Internet Marketing

You have probably noticed something a bit off about how I have written this blog post. Have you?

I have used the 4 words “How to Internet Marketing” several times. The words seem a bit in appropriate, a little out of place, something is missing. It should say “how to improve Internet marketing”, or “how to use Internet marketing”. Here’s the deal, I’m adding these 4 words as a personal SEO experiment. I do these experiments from time to time. In fact, if you Google on “Construction Internet Marketing” you should find one of my pages – ranking very high.

As an Internet marketing coach I teach small business people how to improve the results produced by their Internet marketing, including their SEO. By doing these real time SEO experiments I can make sure that the SEO tactics I’m teaching are working.

How to Internet Marketing Strategy- Building E-Mail Lists

When it comes to learning how to use Internet marketing to increase profits one of the most important things you can do is to take the time to develop an Internet marketing strategy that includes building a large e-mail list of customers, potential customers and “centers of influence”, like influential experts.

E-mail marketing is a “conversion strategy”. By using e-mail to nurture relationships with existing customers and potential customers you can increase the frequency of purchases from current customers and increase the likelihood that a potential, or prospective customer will actually become a customer over time.

I can tell you countless personal stories about people who became customers years after they opted into my email list. My point is this, if I not had an e-mail list and had I not encouraged people to opt-in to it and had I not consistently provided my subscribers with meaningful, useful information- They would have NEVER become customers! How can you maximize the number of people who opt-in to your e-mail lists?

Another How to Internet Marketing strategy you can learn from is Social Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like, here’s the deal- When it’s all said and done, social marketing is just a “get NEW quality visitors” strategy.

The real beauty of social networks is their ease of sharing information with people who have similar interests- they are great at that. From a business perspective though success is ultimately going to be measured in terms of increased business, that business, in most cases, is going to happen either directly on your website or after the person who finds you on a social network visits your website. In other words your website is going to do the heavy lifting of converting that person who discover you on a social network from a mere curious website visitor to an actual customer or lead.

I see that I’m now over 600 words in this blog post and one of the things I’m testing is total words of content and the keyword ratio, remember this post is being optimized for How to Internet Marketing and I want this post to be between 800 and 900 words total so I’m going to wrap it up.

One last thing, as a longtime Internet Marketing Coach let me provide you with a piece of advice that has served me and my clients well for over 15 years.

How to Internet Marketing Advice

ALWAYS track & test. Track results and test content, headlines, page design, images, image placement, etc. The number of small business owners who have a website built and then just let it sit for a few years until they have new built is absolutely staggering to me. I have seen conversions rates increase by THOUSANDS of percent and quality visitors increase by many thousands per month all because new things were tried.

How to Internet Marketing a FREE e-course is available here-

Internet Coach

Nearly all of my Internet coaching clients are interested in SEO. Nearly all small business clients are rightfully skeptical about hiring a coach. So I’m inviting you to follow along, in real time, to see the results I can produce.

I did a similar “real time SEO demo” in May, 2011 on the term “Construction Internet Marketing“. In fact, you can click the link above to see for yourself. You will find a page of ranks organically (not an ad) on the first page of Google.

This time I optimized for the keyword- Internet Coach.

This page went live on 0ctober 17, 2011 and at that time I had NO rankings on the word Internet coach at all, NONE!

Continue to read the content below and notice how I used keywords and variations like “coaching” and “coached”  throughout. That is an SEO tactic that is very effective. Of course, there are many other tactics as well. As your Internet coach I will show you and/or your team how to implement them all.

If I wasn’t using this as a coaching tool I would have simply started with the content below.

All the best,




Actual Content Optimized for the Keyword Internet Coach

“Santa” Ed Taylor specializes in the following Internet Coaching services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), Local Marketing, Mobile Marketing, E-mail and video marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as well as website conversion improvement.

With Ed Taylor as your Internet Coach you (or your team) can improve the results produced by all of your marketing and advertising, both online and off. Your first Internet coaching session is FREE simply call 541-482-4840 to schedule a time. You will receive an Internet marketing analysis and detailed action plan.

“Santa” Ed’s Internet Coaching services are designed specifically for small businesses looking for  cost-effective methods of reaching new prospects and increasing profits. Internet marketing coach, “Santa” Ed Taylor, will guide you and/or your team through the Internet marketing maze, or Ed will consult with your webmaster and provide step-by-step direction on how to improve your search engine rankings and all of your Internet marketing.

Many things can prevent your website from ranking on the first page of Google for your particular keywords. We analyze your website from code, content and server side metrics to determine if you have all of the elements in place that search engines favor such as:

  • a properly configured robots.txt file
  • an xml site map
  • 301 redirects
  • Effective use of Internal and External Links
  • Appropriate Site Architecture and Navigation Schema

We have dozens of metrics we assess to ensure compliance with SEO best practices.

Don’t let common errors or mistakes keep your site buried beneath your competitors. Competition for top rankings is increasing but with Google’s latest changes there is a lot of opportunity to leapfrog over competitors if you use the right strategies. Talk to one of the best Internet Coach’s in the country, Ed Taylor, and let him identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and any Threats to your Internet marketing strategies and tactics.

Remember the first coaching call is FREE call 541-482-4840.

Ed will provide targeted results that allow your clients to find your website through organic search engine optimization, which means that once you are ranked you can enjoy quality traffic without have to use PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. It’s not uncommon for our SEO coaching to eliminate the need for PPC (pay per click) advertising. This is due to their TOP 10 placement on major search engines.

Ed will openly share his knowledge of the SEO process, Social marketing, email marketing and much, much more. You will enjoy learning effective and affordable methods to improve website traffic and increase customers, leads and subscribers.

If you are an individual entrepreneur or small business owner call (541) 482-4840 for a FREE analysis of your website from an Internet Coach who has been invited to speak to more than 1,550 business groups- he does know his stuff.

Or, send Ed an email at EdatEdTaylordotcom and he will call you the same business day. You can expect professionalism, attention to detail and quick responses when working with Ed.

Let Internet Coach “Santa” Ed Taylor help identify a series of powerful keywords and key phrases that can send your business straight to the top 10 website’s in your category.

After Ed finds the keywords that best suit your business he will show and coach you on exactly how to place these keywords in your website pages by altering your meta tags, title tags and descriptions as well as write effective copy that ultimately gets your website ranked above your competition.

Call or email Internet Coach “Santa” Ed Taylor for a brief website analysis . That’s (541) 482-4840 to speak with Ed directly.

Get your FREE Internet Coaching now, 541-482-4840

I optimized this page for the keyword “Internet Coach” on October 17, 2011 as of now I have no inbound links to this page. I’ll bet by October 25, 2011 it’s in the top 3 pages and by the end of the year it’s on the first page. Google on the term Internet Coach and just see if this page shows up on Google.

Check it out, see where ranks on the term- Internet Coach

Here’s an SEO TIP you can use today… 

Over 2 years ago I wrote a little blog post that still has top Google rankings. It came to mind because I have had several new clients in the construction business recently. Check out the post and model what I have done- and the keyword that has the top rankings? Construction Internet Marketing.

This short (2:15) video dramatically shows the results of a 3 year SEO coaching case study.

Also, here’s a little WordPress site we just developed and Search Engine Optimized for small construction business in Florida…

Here’s what they said about working with us…

“Thank you so much for the great work you did for us on our website. Your team was quick, detail-oriented and responded quickly with changes and/or suggestions. We’ve heard about you for a great number of years and finally needed your services for our business. You far exceeded our expectations and were very helpful with everything from key words, content, directions on how to do things, etc.

We can’t thank you enough and we’ll be telling all our friends what a great job you did!

Thank you again!”
Fred Matthews

I have 2 things to share today. The first is this short (2:15) video that dramatically shows the results of a 3 year SEO coaching case study. The purpose of this video is 2-fold. One is to show you just how easily YOU can present compelling evidence of the benefits of your products or services. My second reason is to clearly demonstrate the outcome of consistent SEO coaching over a sustained period of time.

Here’s the video...

By the way, this client is now on his own, he has learned SEO! I have not been coaching him for more than 6 months and as you have seen in the above video, his results continue to improve. This is what SEO success looks like to me.

 The second thing I want to share is an SEO TIP you can use today… 

Nearly 2 years ago I wrote a little blog post that still has top Google rankings. It came to mind because I have had several new clients in the construction business recently. Here’s the post- and the keyword that has the top rankings? Construction Internet Marketing. Check out the post and model what I have done.

By the way, here’s a little WordPress site we just developed and Search Engine Optimized for small construction business in Florida…

Here’s what they said about working with us…

“Thank you so much for the great work you did for us on our website. Your team was quick, detail-oriented and responded quickly with changes and/or suggestions. We’ve heard about you for a great number of years and finally needed your services for our business. You far exceeded our expectations and were very helpful with everything from key words, content, directions on how to do things, etc.

We can’t thank you enough and we’ll be telling all our friends what a great job you did!

Thank you again!”
Fred Matthews

The journey toward top Google rankings on the keyword Internet Coach started nearly 11 months ago. Google has made 2 HUGE changes to their algorithm since then, Panda & Penguin. But check it out, Google on the keyword Internet Coach and see where ranks.

If you have subscribed to my Marketing Tips blog for long you know that I conduct what I call “real time SEO tests” several times per year. I do these tests both to continually test my latest SEO tactics and to demonstrate the effectiveness of these to my potential clients.

I did this on the keyword “Construction Internet Marketing” about 18 months ago. You can test my results by simply Googling on “Construction Internet Marketing”.

About 11 months ago I tackled the very competitive keyword “Internet Coach”. Google it and see where ranks. I’m confident you will find the page on the first page. (Please leave a comment below about where the page ranked for you.)

The page went live on 0ctober 17, 2011 and at that time I had NO rankings on that keyword at all- zero, none!
I now have a top ranking and get many new high quality visitors to my website as a result.

What did I do? I simply optimized a blog post and added a few (less than 20) inbound links. I assure you that NOTHING I DID is tricky and you could EASILY do the same thing… in less than 90 minutes.

My tactics are favored by Google in this post Panda/Penguin world.

The easy to make, easy to fix mistake? Not investing 60-90 minutes a month to get 12 top rankings per year. Or not investing 60-90 minutes per week?

The fix? Do it. Imagine 12 to 50+ NEW top Google rankings per year, ALL on important keywords that deliver a high volume of HIGH quality visitors to your website each day for months or years to come.

This is the beauty of an effective SEO program. Hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands on new HIGH QUALITY visitors for FREE.

For many small business owners SEO (Search Engine Optimization), seems like this incredibly complex mystery that must be handed off to SEO gurus who have the “inside information”. Plain and simple, that’s a bunch of bunk!

SEO is in fact relatively simple. Don’t discount what I’m saying, I’ll show you the proof.

Here’s one, Google “seo keynote speaker“, where does rank? Near the top, right?

If you look closely you will notice that it’s NOT the Home page with the top ranking it’s an interior page of the site that is OPTIMIZED for the keyword “seo keynote speaker”.

Go to the page and check it out. What have I done? I have added a page to my site that is ABOUT my being a “seo keynote speaker”. Simple right?

Yes, there is a bit more to it than that, but identifying the keyword and adding a page of content is ALWAYS the starting point.

Here are a couple of more personal examples:
Internet Marketing Speaker
consultant for internet marketing
construction Internet marketing
blog headlines for seo

Here are a few client examples:
auto repair sales training
customized insurance newsletters
appearance bonds jackson
tire sale dubuque
dentists willow grove

I could go on and on with hundreds of my own examples and many thousands of client examples.

What am I trying to say?

Obtaining and maintaining top Google rankings through a “do it yourself SEO program” is not nearly as complex as you may be thinking it is.

Once you understand the process you can save a lot of money but equally important YOU CAN BE IN CONTROL of this increasingly important aspect of your marketing.

Don’t be bamboozled. As an Internet marketing coach I help my clients “chunk” SEO into a very simple process that can easily be done by a non-technical person.

For a FREE website evaluation and marketing consultation…

When it comes to using Linkedin to build your business understanding how to create your “Linkedin Profile” is crucial. Below I have linked to several excellent articles and posts that will help you create a Linkedin Profile that will evoke confidence and trust in you and in your business. These are the essential first steps  to successfully using Linkedin as a business development tool.

While I think it’s important that you understand how to get the most out of Linkedin to help you grow your business… that is not the primaryreason I’m writing this blog post. My primary reason is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A few minutes ago I discovered that many people are actually Googling on- “linkedin linkedin”, they are entering the word Linkedin twice in the Google search. This post is being optimized for that strange but apparently popular keyword- linkedin linkedin.

As an Internet marketing coach I wanted to turn this into another real time SEO experiment. I did a similar SEO experiment a year or so ago on the keyword  “Construction Internet Marketing” which I now have a top ranking on.

I hope you will use the information below to build your Linkedin profile. I created my profile on Linkedin several years ago and I regularly get new clients and referrals as a result.

To test the effectiveness of my SEO tactics Google on the keyword- “linkedin linkedin” sometime after April 23rd and see where this post is in the rankings. As of today I’m nowhere in the top 500 Google listings on that keyword.

As an Internet marketing coach I help my clients with both their SEO and with their marketing on Linkedin and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I also do much more but this post is not about that.

Linkedin Linkedin – 20 Million Searches!!!


Of course “linkedin linkedin” is a strange keyword and most of my SEO efforts are on keywords that are a bit more conventional, such as; “Construction Internet Marketing”, but when I saw “linkedin linkedin” was getting over 20 million searches per month AND the competition was low I just had to give it a try. If I get a first, or even a second page Google ranking on this keyword it will probably add thousands of new visitors to my website and since Linkedin is a resource used by a lot of small business owners I have reason to believe some percentage of these new visitors will hire me to become their Internet Marketing Coach. I think my odds are good that this will be time well spent.

Remember, give Google a few days to spider and index this page and then search on “linkedin linkedin” and see where this page is ranking.

Here are the links I mentioned at the top of this post:

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