It’s early, about 5:15 AM, Saturday, November 24th and here I am looking at the Analytics for this website (I LOVE the stuff!). I noticed that year over year this site has had an 82.89% increase in organic (FREE) visitors from Google! Here’s why…

My blog.

For example this page, has had a 291% increase in visits. Nearly all of these visits came from searches similar to-“ how to add page owner to facebook page”.

I have written 133 blog posts this year… that’s nearly 3 posts per week. Most of the posts are 200 words or less, like this one. Most were written in less than 20 minutes, again, like this one.

The result: Thousands of new visitors for less than an hour per week; for me it’s a no brainer.

As we head into “peak shopping season” the cost of PPC clicks (visitors) will continue to go up… the cost of visitors from SEO… stays FREE!

One of my clients is up 214.71%, another is up 40.22%. My point is simply- this strategy works if you work it.

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