What determines if your e-mail messages get read? Studies show that most people decide based on a quick glance at the sender’s address and the email subject line.

If you use email marketing (and if you don’t you should), you have four hurdles: You must get your e-mail delivered, opened, read and clicked.

A great new tools is MailChimp’s subject line suggester. You must have a MailChimp account, but you can get a free account on their website, http://eepurl.com/djZ7w so give it a test.

You basically enter some words or phrases that you were planning to use in your subject line, then MailChimp will compare it to all subject lines ever used in their system, their resulting open rates, and then tell you how they performed.

I test 3 types of subject lines – “how to”, “reasons why” & “tips”, here’s what the tool came up with:

The more stars the better the results. There are 3 ‘Reasons Why” at the top and 1 each “Tips” and “How to”.

Now you can see why I used the title ~ 5 Reasons Why These E-mail Subject Lines Work

The results produced by the tool are based off of the subject lines sent by MailChimp customers so they can be skewed, but MailChimp has more than a 1/2 million customers and delivers more than 700 million emails per month. So the tools provides a pretty good representation of what works and what doesn’t. CLICK HERE to checkout MailChimp