Measuring the performance of your website is critical to your Internet marketing success. I highly recommend you use Google Analytics (GA). It’s great fit for small business sites because it’s fast, powerful and free.

Here are 3 tips to get theĀ  most out of GA:

Be sure the tracking code is installed on EVERY page of your website. If you’re using a WordPress site there are plugins available to install GA.

Set up your profile. Link your AdWords and Analytics accounts, track internal site search, track transactions for your e-commerce platform, and filter out traffic from your own or your company’s IP address.

Set up your Conversion Goals. Google Analytics tracks the three types of conversions: 1. URL destination, 2. Time-on-site, 3. Pages-per-visit

GA gives you 25 slots for organizing your conversion goals, divided into five sections.

Pay attention to your analytics.