Results from last quarter:

      • 41,000 Facebook Likes
      • 59,000 New Email Subscribers
      • 94,000 Website Visitors
      • 140,500 App Downloads

For 3 months I have been in Southern California working with the leaders in social marketing. I created content with top video producers, spent time at YouTube Space LA and refined strategies that converted Facebook Likes into email subscribers and customers. In short we used social media to build a national presence for a new company. We did it in a matter of weeks and all on a shoestring budget.

Santa Traffic 2013

In my humble opinion there has never been a time when small business owners have had a better opportunity to grow their businesses more than in 2014. Marketing today is ALL ABOUT STRATEGY AND MESSAGING!!! Most of the exposure tools can be used for free, or very, very, inexpensively… the “trick” is to come up with a winning social strategy and a compelling message.

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